Slimline Rainwater Storage Tanks

Slimline Rainwater Storage Tanks in Adelaide

Slimline rainwater storage tanks are specially made tanks from Adelaide’s leader in tank innovation. Mastertanks has been providing water storage solutions to Adelaide and South Australia since 1977. The father and son duo of John and David Christopher is dedicated to bringing the best and most durable tanks available for home and commercial use. They can provide the best recommendations for you water storage systems depending on demand and purpose. They offer poly tanks, steel modular tanks, and the slimline storage tanks readily available at the factory. They can also customize tanks based on your design ideas that will surely fit in to your intended space. Discuss your needs with us today and we will provide you a quote for the most suited tank for you. Give us a call at (08) 8443 9061 or you may also visit us at the factory located in 230 Richmond Road, Marleston SA 5033.

Innovative Water Storage Solutions

Slimline Rainwater Storage Tanks Mastertanks has revolutionized the way we store rainwater through the slimline rainwater storage tank. Our slimline polyethylene tanks and water tanks with stand has been made to fit into the aesthetics of your residential or commercial space while achieving the full functionality of storing and straining rainwater for many different purposes. Our slimline tanks with stand come with its own 400mm stand, an inbuilt strainer, an overflow, two brash outlets at the end of each tank, and fittings. Poly tanks are UV stabilized tanks with similar features plus more outlet provisions. These tanks can hold rain and bore water and can withstand weather and elements including corrosion and termites. The surface of the tanks cannot rust or rot so you are sure that water contained inside will remain safe to use for gardening, washing, and even drinking purposes. They are also available in a variety of colors that will match the surroundings of the installation area.

High Quality Slimline and Custom Tanks

For excellent quality water storage solutions, choose only slimline rainwater storage tanks from Mastertanks. We offer a wide range of tanks that can accommodate your everyday water needs coming directly from rain or bore. Water tanks are your environmentally responsible options in generating water for your household use while also availing of helpful rebates from the government. With great savings on your water consumption, these tanks will surely pay for itself. Mastertanks provides you with cost effective and affordable storage solutions that have been manufactured with top of the line materials and strict working standards. We also offer custom made tanks so feel free to discuss your design with us. We want to you to achieve the best look for your gardens and spaces where your water storage tanks add an important touch not only to the functionality but to the aesthetics as well. Get fast and quality customer service only from Mastertanks.

Install Your Tank Today

Have your slimline rainwater storage tank installed today and enjoy the benefits of having access to environment friendly water generation. Order your tanks at (08) 8443 9061.