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Our New Invention – Order Your Decking Rainwater Tanks

In today’s world, everybody is looking to save space or a better way to save space and put an unused space to practical use. The MasterTanks’ under-decking rainwater tank does exactly that!

The space under the garden decking, verandah decking or patio decking is usually totally wasted. With this unique innovation, you can now either add to your rainwater storage capacity or save space in the garden by installing this rainwater tank under the decking in your house.


Under-decking rainwater tank specifications:

  • Capacity: 2000 liters
  • Length: 2050 mm
  • Width: 1900 mm
  • Height: 780 mm
  • 400 mm inlet strainer
  • 90 mm PVC overflow
  • 40 mm tap outlet


Under-decking rainwater tank installation instructions:

  • Place the tank in position under the deck
  • Run a gutter overflow pipe to the 400 mm inlet
  • Install a further section of PVC pipe to the overflow pipe if need be
  • Install a tap into the 40 mm tap outlet

Made of polyethylene, this lightweight water tank is super easy to install.

Under-deck Rainwater Tank – Front View

Showing :

• 400 mm inlet strainer

• 90 mm PVC overflow

Under-deck Rainwater Tank – Rear View

Showing :

• 400 mm

tap outlet

Under-deck Rainwater Tank – Side View

Showing :

•  400 mm inlet strainer

•  90 mm PVC overflow

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